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Welcome to the archives. Thanks for dropping by this dusty old place. There articles were published quite a few years ago, but hopefully are still useful.

I began writing Tangled Webs in 1996 in response to the media feeding frenzy about all things Internet. It seems that many journalists base their stories on corporate press releases, and as a result, many stories raise unnecessary fears or overlook the most important aspects of events they cover.

Tangled Webs speaks against the hype surrounding technology. It is sometimes cynical, often critical, and hopefully provides a different perspective and some thought-provoking information about how technology is really affecting our world. Tangled Webs is published monthly-ish, and is carried by The Japan Times and Computing Japan.
What the *bleep* Happened to the Off Switch?
Connecting the Dots
We're All Certifiable!
RFID. So, Who’s Asking?
Game Imitates Art
What's in It for Us?
It's All Onshore Somewhere
The Pentagon Proposal
A Streetcar Named Caldera
A Good Idea Gone Bad
The Black Team
Will Technology Keep Us Safe?
Falling Down
A Meeting by the River: The Mizuho Debacle
There & Back Again: Part II
There & Back Again: Part I
Crime & Punishment
Your Browsing XPerience
For a Few Dollars More
Let the Music Play: Part II
Let the Music Play
Double-Byte Division
The Ghost in the Machine
The Freedom to Link
An E-business Success Story
You Are Being Watched
Lawyers, Hackers and DVDs
Of Privacy and Electrons
Linux Myths
A Living Doll
What Gives Them the Right?
The Freedom to Rant
It's Not a Computer Problem - Part 2
It's Not a Computer Problem - Part 1
Severe Civil & Criminal Penalties
Law, Sausage & Software
The Computer, The Bull & The Plan
Big Brother Revisited
With a Straight Face, Mind You
Big Brother Inside
A Tempest in Shrinkwrap
The Jihad, the OS, and the Consumer
Listen to the Music
Almost Understanding Software
The Myth of Customer Demand
The PC99 Manifesto
Getting What You Didn't Pay For
A Medium with a Message
Controlling Support Costs
The Technology of Control
Java has Left the Browser
The Day the Music Died
You Say You Want A Revolution?
Two Sites that Get It
NTT's OCN - Ask No Questions
If You Love Something, Set it Free
Compliance is Relative
The RadioActive-X Awards
Masters of Their Own Domains
This Means War!
Where Won't We Let You Go Today?
The Art of the Deal
Hand-Held PCs
Moore's Law Repealed
We're All Friends Here
Searching for Meaning
When Push Comes to Shove
My Hand in the Cookie Jar
Beta Software: A Eulogy
Security Fearmongering
Internet Business Strategies
ActiveX: Wide Open Computing
Free MS Web Server. Only $999
Our Own Private Internet
Fear and Loathing on the Internet - Part I